This Girl Got BULLIED and ABUSED Because Of How She Looked, What She Does Next Will AMAZE You!

Sometimes kids can be very cruel, because for them, what matters is their opinions about something. Even adults can be very mean with their comments sometimes. In any case we don’t have the right to offend anybody. But what happens when the target of all those rude comments is a young girl? Here’s her story.

Her name is Sarah Atwell, a teenager who suffered humiliations and bullying since she was a little girl. She was born as a normal and healthy baby but as time went by her parents realized that some parts of her face were growing weirdly. She was taken to some specialist who determined she had an illness called neurofibromatosis. This weird disease consists on the developing of tumors in any part of your body where nerve endings are found.

Sarah’s tumors were benign, but unfortunately they affected half of her face. She was the target of her classmates. People always made fun of her, looked at her weirdly or even whispered things while walking near her. All these bad things just made Sarah stronger, with the support of her parents she overcame this episode in her life.

After some time she decided to show herself to the world by posting a video where she explained her condition and her attitude towards it. For Sarah what matters is what is within every person. Appearance is not as important as the heart, attitude, and soul. She used her problem as a tool to change the world and everyone’s behaviors.

Quickly the video went viral and soon enough one of the best specialists contacted her. She had to go through three surgeries because of the complexity on her case. Sarah recovered successfully and her face totally changed.

Nowadays Sarah is considered as one of the most beautiful ladies and receives many compliments. She is eternally grateful with all the people who supported her, specially the doctor who made her the person she is nowadays.

This story shows us that no matter what happens in our lives, that situation can change for good. No one knows what’s going on in someone else’s lives, so, be kind. If someone needs your help, try to do as much as you can. You will never know when you will be in a difficult situation. Change the world by changing your attitude and surely the world will smile you back.

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