3 Reasons That Will Make You Want To Evacuate EARTH! The Last One Will Leave You SPEECHLESS!

Stephen Hawking is one of the finest scientists of this century and probably the best that I am going to see in my lifetime. Hawking now suffers from low progressive ALS disease, but still, possesses the brightest brains in the world.

Stephen Hawking earlier predicted that we have easily a millennium to evacuate the earth and find another inhabitable planet. However, in a recent documentary by BBC, he estimates that the time limit has suddenly dropped to just a century. Within 100 years, we will have to leave earth, taking everything that is happening in this world to consideration. To some extent, I also feel the same. However, I don’t think we’ll be settling on something we know as the red planet (Mars). The conditions of that planet are nowhere suitable for us to sustain. Let us just hope that it doesn’t get to that. But why do we even need to clear out our green planet?

  1. Green planet turning to blue planet

For a long time now, we have been receiving threats from the scientists all over the world of climate change. The icebergs and glaciers over Antarctica have started to melt. The water level is continuously rising and soon, parts of America (especially small islands) will be submerged in water. Frequent floods, rising of water levels, changes in the wind currents, global warming and its consequences are all the leading factors here.

  1. World power into the wrong hands?

Well, it probably should not be said but the World War doesn’t seem far away, considering the leaders ruling the world. Nuclear-armed nations are ready to attack each other. In a world where we are looking for unity and peace, our leaders have a completely different thinking. Besides, terrorism doesn’t seem to stop at all. Frequent bombings are being reported. Looking at a bigger picture, everything seems to be going south. Isn’t it?

  1. Westworld or Age of Ultron

Recently, a wild piece of news came out that Facebook had to shut down one of its artificial intelligence (AI) program because the bots had developed their own language (unidentified) for communication. I, myself am a fan of Artificial Intelligence technology, but this is really scary. However, renowned scientists like Elon Musk and others do believe that the “Age of Ultron” would never come. Well, I believe I can trust them.

Well, it wasn’t my motto to scare anyone, but yes the above things are true and they surely seem to be true. All we can do is rely on the scientists to get us to someplace as good as our earth and we can start all over again.

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