High School Teacher Uses School Lab To MAKE THIS ILLEGAL DRUG, You Won’t Believe What Happened To Him!

Sometimes, real events inspire fiction, but if this story teaches us anything, it’s that fiction can also be imitated. This former high school teacher taught Chemistry in two schools and cooked $44,800 worth of meth, Breaking Bad style!

John W. Gose, 56, was sentenced to four years in prison and five years on supervised probation by Judge Fernando Macias after admitting to four counts of manufacturing and trafficking methamphetamine.

What may have seemed like a routine traffic stop in October, shortly turned into a house raid after police found a white Styrofoam chest containing several glassware, rubber tubings, and chemicals which is used in the manufacture of methamphetamine. His house was searched and police came out with enough ingredients to make roughly a pound of meth.

Mark D’Antonio, Doña Ana County District Attorney said: “That the defendant in this case chose to plead guilty to all of the charges is a testament to the strength of the investigation,”

He also later said in a statement: “We asked the court for the sentence we felt was appropriate for Mr. Gose,”

To fans of the Breaking Bad series, the resemblance is uncanny. Both events contain a former Chemistry teacher located in New Mexico who turned to making meth for a bit of extra cash. Walter White, the show’s protagonist-turned-villain, had stage 3A inoperable lung cancer and decided he needs to pay for his treatments and provide for his family in case of his passing. Not both share the same fate, since Mr. White [MINOR SPOILER ALERT] never really gets arrested, but we’d argue he had slightly better moral reasons, anyway.

Gose taught in two schools: high school science in El Paso, Texas, and middle school science in Las Cruces.

A bad ending to Mr. Gose’s short-lived career in making meth. We find ourselves thankful that the TV show was met with better critical response.

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