You Would Never Imagine Why This Teenager is Dating This 71 Year Old

Some say love comes in all shapes and sizes. Well, it looks like we’ve got to add age to that list as well. Meet Gary, a 17 year old who, like other people his age, goes to high school, is ecstatic about his newly grown beard and is struggling with the horrors of puberty. However, while Gary’s pals enjoy dating the cheerleaders, he focuses on older women, much much older women.

Gary started dating Almeda Errel shortly after he met her on church on a typical Sunday. This all sounds like a good old fairy tale story, except it’s not and the princess of this story is an aged 71 year old lovely lady. At the time of their first encounter, Gary was involved in a relationship with a young woman. He rushed to dump his previous girlfriend and immediately after approached Almeda to express his love for her. The couple started dating and three short weeks later married.

Initially, some people thought Gary was only in it for the money. Turns out Almeda comes from a humble family and she’s not as wealthy as people think. It looks like love is a real factor in the equation of this relationship.

“It was wonderful, beyond my wildest dreams. She really is my dream woman and the physical side of our relationship couldn’t be better.” Gary told the local press. Apparently age is just a number for the couple and they’re not afraid of making some magic happen in their bedroom despite the medical repercussions or fractured backs that can result from such actions. All jokes aside, the couple affirms they have a strong connection and that “they’ve never felt that way towards another person, ever.”

This makes for one heck of a love story. A young guy meets an older, more experienced lady at the burial of her now deceased husband. The young guy catches the old lady’s gaze; their hearts skipped a beat and time stopped… Apparently, because they got married three weeks later.


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