Egyptian Pyramids No Longer a MYSTERY! This Discovery Will Make You Rethink

Egyptian Pyramids No Longer a MYSTERY! This Discovery Will Make You Rethink
                                                                       Egyptian Pyramids

The Egyptians feel pride when they talk about the Pyramids of Giza and why shouldn’t they? After all, they are the only ones standing amongst the seven wonders of the ancient world. We have seen many-a-times, especially in movies and documentary displaying the fascinating work of the then architects, but are they just fantasies or is there some truth behind them.

Well, the archaeologists finally have an answer for you. Talk about the numbers and you’ll know that there are a total of 138 pyramids in all. The Great Pyramid of Giza today stands more than 480 ft. tall and is of unquestionable beauty.

We are currently in the 2000s and it is pretty hard to even think about how people have constructed such great buildings that stand till date, 4000 years ago. There was no such technology that we have today, or even, in that case, our buildings won’t mostly last for 50-100 years. Amongst such confusion, it was randomly guessed that maybe the aliens would have been a helping hand. We would want to believe this but sadly this is not true and the scientists and the archaeologists were not happy about it. Well, until a few days ago.

Egyptian Pyramids No Longer a MYSTERY! This Discovery Will Make You Rethink
                                      481 ft tall Pyramid of Giza, for Pharaoh Kufu

It is believed that the Djoser Pyramid was the first one to be built out of the 138 in 2611 B.C., which later became a rather usual process and within 10-15 years, the last pyramid was already built. These pyramids were made on the orders of the Kings of the Egyptian society, known as Pharaohs. Yes, like the ones we have seen in the movies. The Kings hired the architects and engineers of the highest ranking in the society and they would supervise the whole work.

But despite having a throne room and everything, the Pyramids were still built. They were for the burial of the great kings, which they would just do to stand on the shoulder of each other and showing off, by making such mega structures in their memory. It took millions of limestone bricks that were carried by the workers from more than 500 miles.

The archaeologists recently discovered a new papyrus which is basically manuscript used for writings and drawings in Egyptian terms. It was found at a seaport Wadi Al-Jarf. On it was written how the boats and the system of waterworks worked. It was reported that around 170,000 tonnes of limestone were transported along the Nile River in small wooden boats. A huge network of canals was constructed, and I would rather say, magnificent work was done. From Tura to Giza, more than 2 million blocks were transported.

Egyptian Pyramids No Longer a MYSTERY! This Discovery Will Make You Rethink
                                The Papyrus discovered, uncovering great mysteries

It has been discovered that the Giza Pyramid was made for Pharaoh Kufu and was the biggest man-made structure ever in the medieval world.

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