Jim Carey’s Ex-Girlfriend Left a SUICIDE NOTE! You Won’t BELIEVE What She WROTE!

A note drafted by Catriona, Jim Carrey’s ex-girlfriend, has been discovered recently. On this note, she supposedly wrote about the sourness of the relationship she had with Jim and accused him of a pretty rough allegation, being a carrier of sexually transmitted diseases. Also, she claims that it was Jim who introduced her to drugs like Cocaine and to other low activities like prostitution.

Jim Carey's Ex-Girlfriend Left a SUICIDE NOTE! You Won't BELIEVE What She WROTE!

The note was drafted in April 2013, just when Jim and Catriona broke up. The reason for their rupture has been heavily linked with Jim finding out of Catriona’s herpes disease. Two years after she wrote the note, she decided to end her life, just a few days after her 30th birthday. Jim became one of the main subject and is under investigation as well as involved in a case that originated when she died.

Jim, on the other hand, is furious with the claims and responded saying that he had paid a fixed amount of money to suppress the case which would defame him. He also added that Catriona’s mother and her lawyer are now demanding three times of that sum he had already paid and regrets giving the money in the first place to receive the same outcome.

Jim Carey's Ex-Girlfriend Left a SUICIDE NOTE! You Won't BELIEVE What She WROTE!

Catriona said that she would have done anything for Jim because of the great love she had for him, but she never got anything in return. Carrey never asked her about how she was doing or if he could have done anything to keep her happy. Catriona said that she didn’t have much before she met Jim but, she was happy, she was full of self-respect for herself and that she used to love herself.

To respond the accusation made by Catriona’s mother, Jim has filed a counter lawsuit for wrongful accusations. Carry then added that Catriona and her mom extorted him for more money.

Catriona left a total of 3 suicide notes before the demise. In one of them she stated how amazing Jim is as a person, before accusing him… Quite surprising, while the last letter was completely for Jim, where she said that she always thought of them as a thing and she still loved him as well as apologizing for not being in the world anymore.

 Jim Carey's Ex-Girlfriend Left a SUICIDE NOTE! You Won't BELIEVE What She WROTE!

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