This Boy Was Exploring A Beach Cave And Finds A HIDDEN PIRATE TREASURE Worth Over $100 MILLION DOLLARS! Unbelievable!

Luck is a very interesting concept. For some of us, luck can manifest disguised as the quarter we just picked up from the street. For others, it may mean winning that promotion we’ve always dreamed of, or beating your rival team in your favorite sports. Nevertheless, luck is a concept we humans entertain and, consistently invoke. Let me tell you something however, luck is very real.

Meet 8 year old Aslan, a small Cuban boy living in the “stuck in the past” country that is Cuba. Aslan enjoyed visiting the shores of Cuba’s beaches and exploring the many caves they included. His family was not aware that Aslan’s hobby of cave searching would change their lives forever because for Aslan, luck came exponentially stronger.

One day Aslan decided to dive deeper into a cave he had never explored before. It required some degree of hiking experience and a lot of courage to plunge into the unknown. Aslan’s struggles in the street gave him enough courage to do what others had never tried: Jump head first into the cave. Aslan landed in a pool of water, were he swam to a small piece of land nearby. When he recovered his composure, he could not believe his eyes.

See, what Aslan had in front of him was a treasure that’s been lost for thousands of years, back when the feared Blackbeard pirate ruled the oceans and seas. Pirates usually left behind maps and clues for people to find their loot but, most of the time, these maps are gifs and flops. Aslan had no map and he found the greatest pirate treasure of the century.

Apparently the gold, rubies, sapphires and diamonds he found inside the chest were worth more than $100 Million Dollars. Yes, that’s right, one cave plunge later, Aslan was a millionaire.

We would like to know what you would do with that amount of money? Spend it all? Call it quits and retire? Open a business? Leave a comment and let us know!

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