A Woman LOSES Her DAUGHTER And Finds Her 17 Years Later! What Happened Next Will Make You CRY!

A Heart Warming Story

Angela Lurkel had always dreamed of being reunited with her daughter, Celeste, after that fateful day back in 2000 when 2-year-old Celeste wandered away from her mother in a corn maze and was never seen again. Just last month, Angela’s dream came true.

After Celeste Lurkel, now named Charlie Bright, vanished at Wisconsin’s most popular Fall corn maze, an intense year-long investigation was carried out by authorities to determine where she had gone and who had taken her. No evidence of foul play was found in the maze and police eventually came to the conclusion that Celeste had walked right into the grasp of someone who decided to take her and pretend she was their child. Over the last 17 years, no substantial leads were uncovered and Angela was forced to live with the fact that her daughter was probably never going to be found.

Last month, Angela Lurkel and her friend went to see a movie at their local theater, and that is where the unthinkable happened. As Angela approached the ticket taker, a young woman with blonde hair and a small clover-shaped birthmark on her cheek, she froze in disbelief. That clover-shaped mark was the exact same one that 2-year-old Celeste had been born with.

Lurkel immediately called the detective that had been working on her daughter’s case for almost two decades. Reluctantly, he went to the movie theater and spoke to the ticket taker who revealed herself as 19-year-old Charlie Bright. She told him there was no way that Angela was her mother and that she had not been kidnapped from a corn maze. The detective returned to Lurkel and told her that sadly she was mistaken, but Lurkel was adamant that she had found her daughter.

She went up to Charlie Bright and began singing a lullaby that she had sung to Celeste when she was a baby. Instantly, Bright’s eyes filled with tears as she recognized the song, but knew that the people whom she believed to be her parents had never sung it to her. In that instant, Charlie Bright new that Angela Lurkel was her mother.

Indeed The Daughter

Charlie Bright agreed to a DNA test which revealed that she is in fact the biological daughter of Angela Lurkel. The woman who took Charlie/Celeste from the corn maze 17 years ago confessed to kidnapping the toddler and she and her husband have been charged with various felonies. They are currently awaiting sentencing.

As for Charlie and Angela, they are enjoying getting to know each other and say that even though they missed out on 17 years of each other’s lives, they still have an entire lifetime ahead of them.

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