A Man MURDERS His Daughter’s Teacher! You Won’t BELIEVE Why!

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When we send our children to public school, we rely on their teachers and the school administration for guarantee of their well-being. The worst thing that most people worry about is their child being bullied by an older child, which statistically has a low chance of happening. The majority of the time, whether the child is in school or at home, we expect some outside force to be the threat. A hostage crisis is usually the furthest thing from our minds.

The Sandy Hook shooting, for example, was a crime committed by someone not even associated with the school. On December 14, 2012, a man named Adam Lanza had killed his own mother and then decided to drive to the elementary school and massacred about 20 children and a handful of adults before taking his own life.

Despite all the precautions that a school may take, who’s to say the threat will not come from a familiar face?

This week, in what has to be one of the saddest school-related tragedies to date, a hostage situation in Riverside, California, ended with a minimal loss of human life.

Linda Montgomery, a 70 year old teacher at Castle View Elementary in Riverside, was taken hostage this past Tuesday by the father of one of her students for some unknown reason. It is unclear exactly why he chose her as his victim, but authorities believe that the man’s daughter was a student in her class.

Based on evidence and witness statements gathered so far, it seemed that the hostage taker had wanted to remove his daughter from the premises. School administration was told not to release the child to him, and this is likely what set him on the path to what could have been another school shooting.

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Thanks to the calculated and cautious heroics of a Riverside police officer, the suspect’s plans were foiled with a single shot. He was later taken to a hospital where he died of his injuries, meaning Riverside PD has to find another way to get their questions answered.

Riverside PD also made it known that the suspect had carried a backpack with him to the school, leaving news stations and papers speculating whether or not there were other weapons he may have been planning to use.

Campus View has cancelled school for the rest of the week, giving students the opportunity to recover from the frightful ordeal.

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