This Woman Was About To DIE From A HEART ATTACK But Is SAVED By Her Cat!

This Woman Was About To DIE From A HEART ATTACK But Is SAVED By Her Cat!

Not everyone is an animal person. But those who are animal people can attest to the comfort they provide when one is under the weather or feeling a bit depressed. Both cats and dogs can be what is called an ‘emotional support animal’ if certified by the correct agency. This allows individuals who suffer from anxiety the company of a pet, the one thing that may be all that can calm them.

Whenever I’ve felt sick or a little down, my cat always comes to my side to see what is going on. I can look into his eyes and I know that he’s capable of understanding human language and speech. He gets upset when I’m gone and doesn’t like me to leave the house if I haven’t said bye to him.

Scientists and cat psychologists will tell you that cats are amazingly capable of higher thought processes. They are able to problem solve situations that some humans would have trouble with. They may even learn things we’ve never specifically shown them.

Strangest Hero

A brave hero cat named Lucifer in Lodi, CA saved his elderly female owner from certain death. David Swift, a first responder, said that if it wasn’t for the feline’s heroics his owner, Ruth, surely would have died.

This Woman Was About To DIE From A HEART ATTACK But Is SAVED By Her Cat!

“We received a 911 call from the resident Ruth and her cat lived at,” reported Swift. “Nothing but angry meows, over and over came from the other side of the line.”

Dispatch had said that when she asked “Does someone need help?” the meows and caterwauling became louder and louder. It was as if the feline knew that the person on the other line was important to his owner’s survival.

Swift reported that Ruth had suffered a heart attack, based on medical observation. “If we had been just a few minutes late, we’re not sure she would have survived.

When Ruth was better, she was asked if she ever taught Lucifer how to dial emergency services. “I don’t think I’ve ever shown him how to do much,” she said. “But he may have noticed once or twice when I called after realizing I was not doing well.”

Remember, everyone. Just because they walk around on four legs doesn’t mean they don’t understand you.

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