Man and Woman Missing For One Month Found DEAD! You Won’t BELIEVE What Happened To Them!

Being hikers is not for the faint of heart. They require the human body to withstand uneven terrain, resilience to drastic changes in temperature, and quite a bit of experience. Most people who go on hiking adventures haven’t had much in the way of recorded hiking expeditions, and likely do not know what supplies are best to take with them. There are groups for those wishing to become professional hikers if they so desire.

If you’re feeling like a badass and want to challenge yourself with a long hike, there is nothing stopping you from doing so. But it is always best to ensure your safety and that of anyone accompanying you, even if it is a four-legged companion.

I’ve considering going on a backpacking adventure myself, but I am aware of my limits. This is an important step in planning out a hiking adventure. Know your limits and how long you can go without food, or you might end up in a literal life or death situation.

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Two hikers by the names of Rachel Nguyen, 20, and Joseph Orbeso, 22, had gone missing early this year. They were both experienced hikers on a planned adventure in Joshua Tree National Forest.

It was when Orbeso failed to check out of a reservation in the month of July that the couple were reported missing. Officials and investigators believe it was possibly the heat during their expedition that led to their demise.

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A search party that had been formed and included the father of the man found the couple deep in a canyon somewhere in the park. The couple were found in a somber embrace, evidence suggesting that Orbeso used a registered firearm to end the life of Nguyen before taking his own.

Upon examination of their supplies, it was found that their food supply was extremely low and they had no water whatsoever.

More than 2,100 man hours were spent searching before the discovery was made. Though a terrible tragedy, it was likely preventable had the proper precautions been taken.

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