Man Is SENTENCED TO DIE For MURDERING His OWN Newborn Daughter And Then Doing This SHOCKING Thing To His Wife!


There are many terrible things going on around the world. For one, peace is looking like a far fetched destination rather than an achievable objective. That statement is due to the fact that men like the guy you’re going to read about now are coercing and corrupting with the peace.There is nothing greater than the love your parents have for you.
However, what happens when your father does not love you back and, instead, wants to murder and take your own life. That was exactly the case of this man from California, who, after experiencing a traumatic anger episode went on to murder his own baby daughter.
Fabian, age 54, had issues with his temperament and he even got into trouble several times for beating his own wife after suffering from said issues. However, one afternoon, Fabian arrived from his long work journey and started drinking in his house.

The Events

A drink became many and he ended up very drunk. A couple of hours later, his wife arrived with their newborn baby daughter, a little girl who was barely one week old. Fabian immediately started questioning his wife and arguing with her about her whereabouts.His drunk behavior escalated very quickly.
Fabian went ahead and started beating his own wife, who was carrying the baby. The fight extended to the stairs. Fabian got even angrier and pushed his wife down the stairs. His wife survived the long fall but the baby daughter was not so lucky.He immediately regretted his actions but it was too late, the woman had called the police and Fabian got arrested. After the judge analyzed his case and came to a decision, she sentenced him to diet for his actions. The charges included child abuse and child homicide.What do you think about this story? Did he deserve the sentence? Let us know below!

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