This FAMOUS Politician Has Been ARRESTED After Doing THIS To An Underage Girl!

Political and Sexual Scandal

Ex-New York Congress man, Anthony Weiner, has reported to the prison facility where he will spend the majority of the next two years.

Weiner was charged and convicted of inappropriately communicating with an underaged girl. Allegedly, he and the teenager exchanged provocative images. He also reportedly attempted to convince the young girl to perform lude acts via webcam. Weiner has had a lengthy history of inappropriate behavior with young girls. This has now led to him receiving jail time for his disgraceful actions.

Anthony Weiner will continue to receive treatment for sex addiction while he is behind bars. Weiner’s wife, whom he was with from the very start of his issues with the law, has decided to divorce the congressman despite his actions to seek help for his problems.

Weiner’s misconduct and antics put an end to his dream of becoming mayor of New York. It also shed a dark light on a career that could have possibly seen him rising in rank through the U.S. government. It is not clear what Weiner will do once he has been released from prison, but we can suspect that getting back into politics might be a tricky feat.

There seems to be a trend of people in high-ranking positions making, for the lack of a better word, idiotic decisions when it comes to technology and communication. Perhaps these individuals see themselves as invincible or maybe they think that they are too smart to get caught. However, history has shown that if there is any scandal to be uncovered in the government, someone will find it and share it with as many people as possible. You would think that these politicians and high-profile officials would learn from their predecessors, but clearly that is not the case.

We can only hope that all those who have acted inappropriately are found out and taken from their positions so that they can be filled with people who have more integrity and dignity.

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