This Man MURDERED His Own Mother And Did This SHOCKING Thing To Her Body!

Brian Peck Credit: Elgin Police Department

It goes without saying that living at home with your mother when you’re a middle-aged man isn’t always the best thing to do. Brian Peck learned that the hard way when he snapped and decided to do the unthinkable to his mother when she got on his nerves.

Allegedly, Peck was in his bedroom listening to music when his mother knocked on the door and asked him to turn it down because she was trying to sleep. Instead of complying, Peck lost his temper and attacked his mother. Before he knew it, he had killed her.

The remains of Peck’s mother were found in a river. She had been cut up into multiple pieces. When questioned by police, Peck initially stated that he had not seen his mother in the days prior to her body being discovered. He said that she had left their home and never returned. Authorities did not believe his statement and continued questioning him. When they found bags in Peck’s residence that matched the ones his mother’s remains had been stored in, they knew that he was their main suspect.





Eventually, Peck admitted to losing his cool after his mother asked him to turn down the volume of his music. He then revealed that he attacked her and chopped up her body before stuffing her remains into several carrier bags and tossing them into the river.

Reports indicate that Peck had previously been in trouble for abusing his elderly mother. However, she decided not to press charges on him and they continued on living together. Peck shared that he had never intended to kill his mother, but a blind rage overtook his whole body and before he had the chance to realize what he was doing, she was already dead.

Brian Peck is currently awaiting sentencing. He faces a punishment of life in prison.


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