Suicidal Mother Does the UNTHINKABLE to Her Daughters!

When someone claims to be suicidal, you worry about getting them help and making sure you try and stop any way they can possibly hurt themselves. You don’t necessarily think that they will attempt to hurt anyone else, especially not their own children. Unfortunately, Sarah Henderson, who said that she was suicidal, did exactly what you wouldn’t expect her to do.

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Police arrived at the Henderson residence late at night after Henderson’s husband called for assistance after she stated that she was suicidal. When police arrived, she told them that she was going to be okay and the officers went on their way. Police were called back a few hours later and discovered that Henderson had shot and killed both of her young daughters.


Allegedly, she attempted to kill her husband, too, but he was uninjured. She was also going to kill herself, but didn’t get the chance to do so before authorities showed up at the scene.

When police asked her why she killed her kids, she revealed that she had been planning it for a few weeks. She also shared her plan to kill herself and her husband so that they could all remain together as a family. Sarah Henderson is currently in jail awaiting sentencing.

Henderson’s husband shared that he is distraught over the death of the two young girls and said that he will never be able to get the image of their lifeless bodies out of his mind. He revealed that Sarah has had a history of mental illness and depression, but he never thought she would harm their children or him.

People who knew the girls have mentioned how sweet and beautiful they were. Neighbors revealed that seeing the girls playing out in their yard with one another was often the highlight of their day and that they hope the young children are now happy and safe together in heaven.


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