You Won’t Believe What This Father Did to His Child’s Teacher

Imagine going to school one day and finding out that your dad is holding your teacher hostage. That’s exactly what happened to one first-grader after her dad entered her elementary school and locked himself in a classroom with a teacher.

Luvelle Kennon barged into his daughter’s school and attacked an elderly teacher, who he then forced into a classroom and held hostage for hours. Luckily, the teacher’s students were not present to witness the brutal altercation. A fellow teacher tried to apprehend Kennon and stop the incident, but was beaten up by the unhinged father. Police were called several minutes after the incident began.

After hours of attempting to negotiate with Kennon, officers shot and killed him. The teacher made it out of the situation with a few cuts and bruises. The motive behind the hostage standoff has not been revealed, nor do police think it will ever be known.

Kennon’s family revealed that he had been suffering for some time with psychological issues. They shared that he was not a violent or dangerous man, just deeply disturbed and unwell.


When police entered the classroom after taking down Kennon, they did not find any weapons on him. The teacher he had held hostage for hours also revealed that he did not say why he was targeting her, though she asked him multiple times. She has also shared that she has been teaching for decades, but after such a traumatic experience, it might be time for her to retire.

While it may never be known why Kennon took the teacher hostage, the situation shines a light on how easy it is for people to make their way into schools. After this occurrence, schools will hopefully begin to implement stricter admittance policies and possibly employ more security guards to watch over schools and protect students.


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