College President Puts an END to Greek Life

When you think of college, the first thing that pops into may peoples’ minds is sororities and fraternities. Greek life is a staple in universities across America, even though it has had its fair share of controversies over the years. A lot of those who disapprove of Greek societies in schools don’t agree with the way that new recruits are treated in order to be accepted by their peers. While a lot of institutions have had issues pertaining to Greek life, not many are willing to do anything about it, until now.

The president of Florida State University has implemented a ban on all sororities and fraternities for the foreseeable future after the death of a fraternity pledge. The school states that if any organizations continue with their Greek life practices, then all members of the sorority or fraternity will face severe punishments. The president of the university believes that there is a massive issue with Greek life all throughout the country, and he hopes that Florida State can be a leader in pioneering a new form of Greek life.


A lot of students depend on sororities and fraternities for a place to stay while at school. The college has decided to allow the members of Greek organizations to continue living in their respective housing accommodations for the time being.

The death of a pledge at FSU is not the first time a student has been killed while trying to enter a fraternity or sorority. Greek life has a long history of forcing pledges to partake in activities that can be harmful and dangerous, like drinking excessive amounts of alcohol or enduring hazing practices to show allegiance.

While the ban on Greek life at this Florida university may bring attention to the issues surrounding sororities and fraternities at that specific institution, it will be a long time before schools throughout the rest of the country put their guard down and admit they need to reform their Greek life ways, too.



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