This Serial Killer Has ESCAPED From Prison And Is MURDERING Children! Beware!

Serial Killer on the loose!

Prison, the dwelling that is supposed to be the most secure and highly-protected place in the world, occasionally fails at doing its job. In this case, a man accused of murdering three people has managed to escape from his prison cell without anyone noticing for hours.

Antoine Adams somehow left the prison through an open window. Investigators are currently working to determine exactly how he succeeded in squeezing through the gap and why the window was left open in the first place. Adams is currently still at large, though authorities from across the state of Mississippi are working together to track down the convicted felon.

Officials urge individuals to keep an eye out for the escaped inmate, but not to approach him if they spot him. They state that anyone who thinks they may know of his whereabouts should immediately notify the police who will take care of the situation from there. Authorities claim that Adams could be armed and highly dangerous.

Police have been in communication with the prisoner’s family members to see if he has attempted to contact them, but the family claims they have not seen or heard from him. Officers have been stationed at Adams’ closest relative’s homes in case he attempts to seek refuge there.


While reports of inmates escaping from prison are few and far between, the incidents do occasionally happen. Whether it be a worker making a mistake and leaving an opening for the inmate, or even an employee at the prison working with the prisoners for their own personal gain, situations such as this should never take place. Prisoners are locked up for a reason, so we need to take better steps to ensure that they are not capable of fleeing their captivity and potentially hurting numerous people during their attempt to evade recapture.


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