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This FAMOUS Sitcom Star Has Been Accused Of RAPE! Details Here!

Danny Masterson, most commonly known for playing the role of Hyde on That 70’s Show, has been accused by four women of sexual assault.

The women all allege that Masterson raped them. According to reports, some of the women state that the Church of Scientology, which Masterson is a member of, attempted to stop them from coming forward with their allegations.


Danny Masterson has hired some of the best lawyers in the country to help defend his innocence, but lawyers for the victims claim that they have substantial amounts of evidence that correspond and validate the accusations that have been brought forward about the actor.

Those who have had their own personal problems with the Church of Scientology believe that the Los Angeles Police Department is working in conjunction with the church and therefore not providing the victims with the justice they deserve. However, the police department is defending their actions by saying that investigations are being carried out to determine the accuracy and truthfulness of the sexual abuse claims.


The revelation about this actor and his alleged inappropriate behavior is yet another addition to the long list of Hollywood actors, directors and producers who are being accused of misconduct by women and men. While action is being taken against these suspected rapists and abusers, like cancelling their television shows and stripping them of their awards, only time will tell if Danny Masterson will endure any repercussions for his actions.

So far, no consequences have been implemented, but with the amount of evidence that the victims’ legal teams state they have, along with the number of eyes watching the situation, he will more than likely have to incur shame and suffering on some level. We can only hope the women that were violated by Masterson are able to overcome their traumatic experiences and use them to help others who have had to go through the same things.

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