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Is This Famous Actor REALLY a RAPIST?

It seems like every day new stories and allegations are being made toward Hollywood actors that have allegedly sexually assaulted women and men. In this case, it is Ed Westwick, who acted in Gossip Girl several years ago.

The allegations come from Kristina Cohen who claims she was raped while at Westwick’s home several years ago. According to Cohen, who is also an actor, she attended a gathering at his house with several other people. When she stated that she was exhausted and ready to go home, she was told to lie down in one of the extra rooms in the property. Cohen claims that she woke up from her slumber when Westwick entered the room and began assaulting her.

Cohen reveals in her confession about the incident that she was told by multiple people not to try and get Westwick in trouble for what he had done because it would only come back to hurt her in the long run. She was also allegedly told she would never work as an actress again if she came forward with her story about rape and abuse.


However, with the number of women taking a stand against their abusers these days, Cohen decided to come forward with her story after hiding it for three years. Like all the other women, she hopes she will encourage someone else to share their experience of sexual assault in order to get the justice they deserve.

Just a few hours after the allegations came to light, Ed Westwick took to social media to make a statement about the accusations facing him. He shared that he had never met Kristina Cohen and that she had never been to his home. He is also adamant that he has never sexually assaulted or raped anyone in his life. Reports share that a police investigation is being launched and only time will tell if the allegations are found to be true.


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