This Father Did the UNTHINKABLE When He Found Out His Son was GAY

Parents are supposed to love their children unconditionally no matter what they do or how they choose to live their lives. For this dad, however, his teen son’s love life was something that he just could not accept.


Wendell Melton walked in on his teenage son and his boyfriend. When a disagreement erupted between Melton and his son, Giovanni, the situation turned deadly. Melton pulled out a firearm and shot his son. Giovanni was later pronounced dead from the gunshot wound he suffered.

Allegedly, Giovanni was living in a residence away from the rest of his family due to previous abuse he had endured due to his sexuality. Reports indicate that Giovanni was often beaten by his father in an attempt to remove the homosexuality that lived in his body. Mental abuse was also present in Giovanni’s life, which resulted in him seeking refuge somewhere other than his home.

Many individuals who had previously witnessed Melton interact with his son believe that he killed Giovanni for the sole reason that he could not accept the fact that he had a gay son. They say that they knew he was not pleased to have a homosexual son, but they never thought he would go as far as killing him in cold blood.


Friends of Giovanni’s described the teenager a fun and vivacious individual who was always kind and caring to everyone he met. A memorial has been set up at his high school where students can go and pay their respects to their classmate who was taken far too soon.

It is not yet known what charges Wendell Melton will face or how long his sentence may be if convicted of killing his son. What we do know is that situations such as this are far too common, and we need to better as a society to protect people of all orientations.

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