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Former Football Star Accused of Doing THIS to His Wife

The wife of Anthony McClanahan, a former NFL player, was found dead in a hotel in Utah. Keri McClanahan was discovered with multiple cuts to the neck after a hotel worker entered the room upon receiving reports of a loud disturbance. Allegedly, there was evidence of blood located in the hotel’s parking lot, too.


The couple married in early 2017 and does not live in Utah, so it is unknown why she was in the state. Anthony McClanahan was detained by police under suspicion of killing his wife. Though they have not formally charged him with the crime yet, authorities decided to apprehend McClanahan due to the fact that he is not from the state and could possibly disappear at any moment.

Keri McClanahan’s sister referred to her as a warm and caring spirit who loved her children more than anything in the world. She shared that it will be a long road ahead for Keri’s children who now have to live with the notion that their mother was brutally taken away from them.

Just weeks prior to Keri McClanahan’s murder, Anthony McClanahan was in trouble with the law for picking up his son from a previous marriage from school without the mother’s permission. Charges for that incident have been filed.

While the investigation is still on-going into the murder of Keri McClanahan and her ex-football star husband is currently only just a suspect, similar cases have resulted in one outcome: the husband confesses to murder. It may be too early to determine the facts of the killing or to determine a motive, but it is obvious that whoever killed Keri McClanahan was known well enough to her to be allowed into her hotel room.

There also did not appear to be a struggle in the room, so she obviously trusted the murderer, as well. Hopefully the investigation is concluded soon, and Keri McClanahan gets the justice she deserves.


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