These Men Decided to CELEBRATE After Killing an Elderly Man!

Celebrations are generally held when something exciting and positive happens, not when a murder has just taken place. However, for Calvin Fleener and James Johansen their successful murder of a former Marine was the perfect reason for them to celebrate.

The two men, who lived at a homeless camp, broke into Kenneth Latus’ home, tied him up, brutally attacked and killed him and then stole his money for no reason at all.

Allegedly, Fleener had gone to Latus’ residence the day before the murder with another individual when the idea to kill and rob the man was ignited. Fleener talked Johansen into going with him to the house, but Johansen maintains that he was not aware of the plan to murder the veteran.

After the murder, the two men caught a ride back to their camp on a local bus where they were seen celebrating the killing by telling jokes and congratulating each other on a job well done.

After some investigation into Latus’ murder, police narrowed in on the two suspects and brought them in for questioning. While in custody, the once partners in crime began to turn on one another. Both claimed that the plan to kill was the other man’s idea and they each stated that the other guy was the one who did the beating and killing. Police, however, have charged both of them with murder.


Kenneth Latus’ family have revealed that the elderly veteran was a sweet and caring man who did not deserve to die the way he did. They also shared that though he was taken in such a brutal manner, he is now with his wife who passed away earlier in the year. Now, the family states that they are seeking justice for the death of their loved one and that they hope the suspects receive the harshest punishments possible.


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