This Mother Decided a NAP was More Important Than Taking Care of Her Children!

Teenagers often spend their days napping any chance they can get; it’s one of the best parts about being young and having no responsibilities. However, when you are a teenager and have two children, you often must give up your prior luxuries and make sure that your kids are taken care of. Jasmine Teed appears to not have gotten that message.

Teed was found asleep in her home while her two young kids were running along a main road in the cold Iowa weather with no clothes on. Luckily, a man driving down the road saw they kids and decided to take them to safety. He then notified the authorities who went to the children’s home where they found Teed asleep.


Allegedly, the officers had to use some force to wake Teed up from her slumber, but it is not known if she had taken any kind of substance that would impair her ability to watch the children. It is also not yet known if there was anyone else present in the house at the time of the incident or how the two little kids made their escape.

When questioned by police about the incident, Teed said that she sat down on her bed for a minute while the kids were playing in another room. She shared that she must have unknowingly fallen asleep and when the kids realized she was nowhere to be found they decided to go off on their own adventure. She reveals that nothing of this nature has ever happened before and that she feels like such a terrible mother for putting her kids in danger.

Despite her remorse and apologizes, the two children have been placed in the care of another family member while Teed is being held on several criminal charges. If convicted, she will have a long fight ahead of her to get her kids back in her custody.



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