Woman ABANDONS Her Children To Go Do This RIDICULOUS Thing!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with parents going on vacation without their children, as long as the kids have proper care put in place. Unfortunately for one mother, she decided that her four young kids would be able to fend for themselves while she gallivanted around Europe.


Erin Macke planned a trip around Europe without her four young ones. After several failed attempts at securing someone to watch the children while she was on her travels, she decided that they would be perfectly capable of taking care of themselves for a week or two. Not only that, she left them with a gun to make sure they could protect themselves if need be.

Fortunately, one of the older children was able to use the house phone and called a relative just a couple of days after they had been left on their own. This individual then alerted the police to the fact that four children had been essentially abandoned by their mother who wanted to go on vacation. The kids were then transferred to another relative’s house until the mother returned.

Once back in the States, Macke was taken in by police and questioned about her actions. She revealed that she had made multiple attempts to get someone to watch her kids, but no one would agree to do so. She also shared that she had spent far too much money on the trip to not go, and that she believed her older children were more than capable of taking care of themselves and their younger siblings.

Despite her explanation, authorities still found it necessary to charge her with endangering her children, mostly due to the fact that she supplied them with a firearm for their safety. If convicted, Macke could spend quite a few years in prison, and then she will definitely need to make sure that her children are properly looked after.



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