This Mother Took Protecting Her Child to the NEXT LEVEL

They say that the maternal instinct is extremely strong and can take over at any time and place. It appears that is exactly what happened at a bus stop in Atlanta when a mother witnessed her child get into an altercation with another student. Unfortunately, this mother let her desire to protect her child get the better of her.


Taza Harris, along with her older daughter, was escorting her son to the bus stop when he and another rider began to argue over an unknown issue. One thing led to another and the two students got physical with each other. Instead of breaking up the fight, Harris took it upon herself to protect her child by confronting the other student. When the student defended himself by throwing an object at Harris and her daughter, the two women began to attack the boy. Harris even went as far as stabbing the student with a knife she had brought with her from her house.


The police were called, the student was taken to a local hospital and Harris and her daughter were arrested at the scene.

Harris claims that she and her daughter were acting in self-defense. However, police are considering the possibility that the attack was premeditated because Harris was carrying the knife on her person. The two students are being questioned by police about their altercation to determine if they had a history of fighting or if the incident was completely random.

While the investigation continues, the school the two students attend is working hard to reassure parents that their children are safe on the school buses and while in their care. Many parents have come forward to express their fears about out-of-control parents, but the school insists that there is no reason for parents to worry about their kids.

Harris and her daughter are due in court within the next few weeks where the next steps in the case will be taken.



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