This Mother Will Do Just About ANYTHING to Make Sure She Has a Pool to Use on a Hot Day!

There is nothing better than dipping your feet in the pool on a scorching hot day. Some people enjoy it so much that they’ll even put their kids in danger to make sure that they get the chance to do so. Take Amber Schmunk for instance.

Schmunk purchased a plastic pool from her local store so that she, her kids and their friends could enjoy the last few days of warm weather. After realizing that she wouldn’t be able to fit the pool in her car, she decided to place it on the roof rack. However, not having enough rope to tie the pool down completely, she decided to place her son in the pool. Clearly concerned about safety, she made sure to secure her child in place inside the pool with a strap.


Witnesses noticed the boy on top of the car as his mother drove down the road. They immediately called police for fear that the pool may fly off the car and the boy would be severely injured or worse.

After officers pulled Schmunk over, they asked her what on earth possessed her to think throwing her young son on the top of her car while driving was a good idea. She shared with them that she used to do crazy stuff like that all the time as a child, and that her son was more than willing to take one for the team.

Unsurprisingly, the police officers did not accept the mother’s excuse and arrested her for putting her son in danger. She has since been released.

Hearing this story made me think about some of the crazy things I did as a child and if my parents ever had any part in encouraging me to do them. I can’t recall doing anything as wild as sitting on the roof rack while my mom was driving, and I don’t think she would have ever gone that far. What was the craziest thing your parents made you do while growing up?



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