This FAMOUS Wall Street Mogul Has Been Accused Of RAPING Super Models!

From Millionaire To Serial Rapist

Howard Rubin, who made his millions on Wall Street, has been accused of battery and rape by several models. Allegedly, the wealthy trader enticed the women to fly out to New York City and spend a few days at his apartment by offering them money. Once at his residence, the models were reportedly severely assaulted and forced to perform sexual acts.


The models reveal that they were contacted on social media by people from Rubin’s team who promised them a life of luxury if they came to visit Rubin. These same individuals also attempted to stop the women from coming forward with the abuse allegations by offering them even more money and by making them sign disclosure contracts.

Several of the women who fell for the rouse were drugged, beaten and raped so severely that they required surgery to fix their injuries. To apologize for his actions, Rubin foot the bill for the surgeries. However, this action did not work to silence his victims.

Rubin’s legal team has come forward and discounted all the allegations. They state that the women who are making the claims about rape and assault are simply trying to extort money from him and gain attention for their own personal success.

When police investigated Rubin’s apartment in the city, they found a room that was decked out with all kinds of sexual devices and equipment, but no evidence was discovered that backed up the models’ allegations.

Lawyers for the alleged victims are now relying on proof from social media in the form of emails, messages, voice memos, etc. to build a case against Howard Rubin.

With the recent explosion of high profile males being accused and convicted of sexual abuse, these allegations do not come as a surprise and only time will tell if Rubin gets the consequences he deserves if the allegations turn out to be true.


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