Toddler DROWNS While Dad DRINKS Himself to SLEEP

David Gammon kicked back with a few cans of Four Loko while his three young sons ran amuck on their own outside their house. Unconcerned about what his children were getting up to, he consumed enough drink to make him fall asleep without a second thought. When he woke up, Gammon discovered that one of the most terrible things imaginable had occurred.


While passed out from too much booze, Gammon’s three sons managed to make their way out of their property and began to explore all around their community. Outside for hours, one of the three boys made it back to his home after he lost track of his brothers and they were nowhere to be found. Upon trying to get his dad to regain consciousness, he went next door and told the residents that his dad was passed out and his brothers were missing. The neighbor immediately called the police.

When authorities arrived at the house, they eventually were able to get Gammon to awaken from his drink-induced slumber and informed him that two of his three children were not accounted for. They then went out into the town to look for the missing boys.

One of the boys was discovered only a short distance from his home, while the youngest of the boys was unfortunately found face down in a swimming pool several miles away. He was immediately transported to a hospital, but it was too late to save him.

David Gammon has been charged with his son’s death and is expected to be sentenced within the next few weeks. He is facing a significant amount of time in prison.

As for Gammon’s other children, they will be sent to live with other family members who are willing and able to properly take care of them and their well-being.



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