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Twitter vs Trump

Twitter users around the world rejoiced when President Trump’s Twitter page was deactivated. Unfortunately, it was back up within minutes, but the main question people want answered is what exactly happened to his social media account?

Theories started to swirl around within seconds of people catching wind of the disappearing page. Some people thought that Twitter finally had enough of his less-than presidential nonsense and decided to suspend him, while others hoped his team had finally talked him into getting rid of the platform that was doing just about everything other than making people like him. However, when his profile popped back up just a few minutes after vanishing, those theories were seemingly shot down.

An investigation carried out by Twitter discovered that one of their employees who was finishing up their last day at work took it upon themselves to do the world a favor and deactivate Donald Trump’s Twitter. An act of madness or the work of a true hero? That’s up to you to decide.


Twitter has since stated that their former employee will face consequences for their actions and the site has apologized to the president for any inconvenience the brief deactivation may have caused.

However, it doesn’t seem that President Trump even noticed that his account had been taken down, as he posted one of his random, off-topic tweets moments after being reactivated with no mention of the situation.

While I’m sure everyone who works at Twitter and has access to every users’ page has had the urge to deactivate Mr. Trump at one point or another, the incident brings forward an important question: should former employees of companies face consequences for actions they carried out in their last moments on the job? Personally, I think if the actions are detrimental to the company’s success then absolutely, but for the silly little act of suspending the Twitter account of someone who should have been deactivated a long time ago, I’m not so sure. What do you think?



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