You Won’t Believe What This Guy Did After His Girlfriend REJECTED His Proposal!

Asking for someone’s hand in marriage is probably one of the most important and nerve-wracking things a man does in his life. Hours of planning and picking out the perfect ring take place to make sure that the woman has no other option than to say yes. However, for Christopher Tucker, no amount of planning and perfecting was enough to make his girlfriend agree to marrying him.


Tucker proposed to his teenage girlfriend, fully expecting her to say yes. Instead, she turned down his proposal and revealed to him that she had cheated with multiple other men.

Instead of simply asking her to leave with her stuff and never come back, he flipped and began to attack the woman. He strangled her, hit her and even ended up gauging out her eyes in retaliation for not accepting his marriage proposal. Allegedly, he also broke her neck after she was already dead. Tucker then attempted to dispose and hide the body before taking off.

After several days on the run, Tucker was apprehended by police and brought in for questioning. He confessed to authorities that he had killed his girlfriend out of anger due to her rejection of his proposal of marriage and her admission of cheating on him. It appears that Tucker may have some kind of mental illness or disability, so it is not yet known how he will be charged or if he will enter a plea deal.

Christopher Tucker’s girlfriend, Tara Serino, has been remembered by her friends and family as a loving and kind aspiring photographer. They share that they hope she receives the justice she deserves, and that Christopher Tucker will be forced to face the toughest consequences possible for taking their loved one away from them in such a cruel and brutal manner with seemingly no remorse.


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