BODY of 3-YEAR-OLD Found After Her Dad PUNISHED Her For Not Drinking Milk – HEARTBREAKING!

It is a common situation when parents punish their child for not obeying them. But the incident that took place after the punishment is horrifying, in this case. Here, we are referring to the story of Sherin Mathews, who vanished on October, 7, after his dad allegedly made her stand outside, under a tree, for not drinking milk.

According to the investigators, the dad of three-year-old Sherin, Wesley Mathews, punished her for obeying him and drinking milk, by made her stand under a tree at 3 am. After 15 minutes, when her father reached the spot where he left her daughter to stand, she had gone missing. Mr. Mathews told the investigators that his daughter was suffering from developmental disorders and she had limited verbal communication skills.


After 5 hours of searching, he reported the police for the disappearance of his daughter, that according to Sgt. Kevin Perlich, was concerning. And after searching her for weeks, a massive search investigation was launched and officers found a dead body of a child, almost a mile from the spot where Mr. Mathews left his daughter to stand. Official identification of the body is yet to take place, however, it is assumed that the body belonged to the little Sherin. Moreover, the cause of death is also not confirmed till now.

Mr. Mathews was arrested by the officers over the incident and was charged with the child endangerment. He is out on a bail, pending his next court appearance, but the identification of his daughter’s body could lead several other charges for him.


The Richardson Police Department is searching for the 3-year-old little girl who was last seen wearing a pink top and black pajama bottoms. Meanwhile the investigation, local child protected services removed Sherin’s 4-year-old sister from the home and according to the sources, the services have contacted the family before taking this bold step.

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