British Woman DESTROYS Indian SCAMMER in MOST HILARIOUS Way (With Pics)

Social media platforms provide us the best way to connect and communicate with the people all across the globe. But unfortunately, these social media platforms are not used in the way that they are developed for.

Although Facebook offers the best platform among all the social media things, but it is notorious them all as well. Besides the best security and privacy options, there are ways through which scammers can get into and makes scandals that you can’t even think of. But not all the times are best for the scammers, sometimes, it can go wrong for the scammers as well. Want proof? Check out the conversation between a British Woman and an Indian scammer and we bet you would roll on the floor laughing!

When an unknown person sends you message request you on your Facebook account, it is always a great idea to simply ignore it. But when you are in a comic mode, you can make fun of them as well. That is what a British woman, Barbara O’Cumbungle, did with an Indian scammer who wanted to connect with her. Barbara, instead of ignoring him, decided to check out what he was all about. But what came after that is insanely hilarious and left the guy wiping away the tears.

This conversation happened when an Indian scammer, Anil Khullar sent a message request to Barbara. At that time, he had no idea what he is getting into and if you are curious to know how she responded to his messages, scroll down.

Enjoyed? Well, on a serious note, if someone wants to connect with you online whom you don’t know, it is a wise idea to simply ignore it or block it, but if you are in a comical mood just like Barbara, feel free to respond in the same way as she did.

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