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This Couple Sold HUMAN MEAT Pies To LOCAL CAFÉ! Have YOU Tried Them?

This one is a story of a cannibal Russian couple, Natalia Baksheeva and husband Dmitry Baksheev, who tried to sell human meat to a local café in Russia in the form of pies. Well, if you are a native of Russia, chances are that you might have enjoyed the same pie having human meat. Eww have you?

The case was reported earlier this week and police investigated the matter and got the confession that the same cannibal couple killed and ate more than 30 victims. On investigation, it was revealed that the wife, Natalia Baksheeva helped her man to hunt down the victims on dating websites and skinned them and ate them as well. The victims’ meat and flesh was turned into human pies and the couple sold the same to local cafes and restaurants, according to several reports. However, the owner of the café said that this happened in 2010 when Natalia offered to supply meat to them. He also added that he refused her offer because he only worked with the certified suppliers.

The couple is also reported to live on the military grounds for serving a military academy for years and is believed to have sold the human flesh to military trainees as well as the student pilots that attended the academy.

According to the reports, human remains and several body parts were also found in the refrigerator and in the kitchen of the couple’s residence, which is located at the hostel in the military academy in Krasnodar, southern Russia. Well, it is still a wonder that how this couple survived to live on the military ground for years, committing a serious and gruesome crime.


Among the 30+ victims that have fallen prey to this disgusting act, one victim is reported to be a former waitress called Elena Vashrushev, 35, who used to live near the Natalia and her husband’s residence.  Not only this, many victims’ mobile phones and video lessons on how to cook human meat was also found in their house.



It is also reported that alleged cannibal, Dmitry Baksheev has been jailed several times in his teenage for robbery and theft. This showed that this couple has not been very good citizens since their early life. However, the reports confirmed that Natalia did so to boost her income as she was looking for a job when she offered café with her services and human meat.

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