Man Brings His MURDERED INFANT To The POLICE Station

Warning, the following post that you are about to read can give you goosebumps.

Yep, this is the story about the father who slaughtered his one-month-old infant 12 years ago and had her body hid under his bed. After 12 years of evading justice, his culpability brought him to the police station with the guts to surrender. He brought the 12 years old dead body along with him to the police station and that made police to arrest him on the spot.

The father, Mr. Lin told the mother of the infant that his mother had taken the infant by force so that she could bring her up. But the poor mother had no idea that the corpse of her dead infant has been hidden under the marital bed, on which they later conceived a second child.

According to Mr. Lin, he accidentally killed his daughter when she would not stop crying as he tried to feed her up with the bottle of milk. He got furious after continuous tries and struck him bad enough that took her life at the spot. He did not know what to do next and lied to his wife about the whole incident and told her that they would never get their daughter back from his mother.


After two years of the incident, they both had the second daughter and in the year of 2015, they got divorced. However, his guilty conscience finally got him to the police station where he carried the dead body of her daughter in the bin bag. He also admitted that he became the migrant worker and started to travel from one place to another while always carrying his daughter’s corpse with him in the same bag.

Sanmin First Precinct chief said that the details of the case are too tricky and that the police would continue to investigate before announcing the potential charge against Mr. Lin. On inquiring to the mother, she told the police that she had no idea where they have taken her daughter.


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