Man Thinks Woman is His FATHER, SHOOTS HER in the FACE

Imagine thinking that your father underwent a sex change in order to evade the police and tracking him down to try and stop him from getting away with it. Well, that’s exactly what Joseph Saur believed when he came across a lady he thought was his dad.

Saur, allegedly under the influence of an illegal substance, somehow made his way into Patience Stewart’s residence while she was asleep. He genuinely believed that Stewart was his father who had undergone surgery to become a woman to hide his identity. Saur proceeded to shoot Stewart in the face several times which resulted in her death.

It is not known how Saur gained access into Stewart’s home or if he had any interaction with her before the incident. Even after being informed that Stewart was not his father, Saur still maintained that he had killed her because his father was not a good man.


Joseph Saur told authorities that he felt the need to defend himself while in Stewart’s residence and that is why he chose to shoot Stewart multiple times. However, investigators state that there is no evidence of Stewart owning a firearm herself.

As for Saur’s actual father, he is still a man and claiming that his son is a drug addict who clearly needs a lot of help for his struggles. He also denies any claims from his son that allude to him being a bad person.  He adamantly states that he is not on the run from anyone and has no plans to transition from a man to a woman at any time.

Joseph Saur remains behind bars as he waits for his trial to begin. If convicted, he could face many years in jail, as well as be forced to undergo drug addiction treatment and mental health counseling.


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