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Mother and Daughter ARRESTED After Getting MARRIED

Jokes about family members marrying each other are thrown around all the time, but it’s not often that the jokes become reality. However, in Oklahoma Misty Spann and her mother Patricia Spann have both been charged with incest after getting married to each other.



Allegedly, Patricia Spann lost custody of three children when they were just young kids. Over the years, she worked hard to find them and get back in their lives. Her attempts obviously payed off because she and her daughter married less than two years after reuniting.

In even more shocking news, this is not the first time Spann has married one of her children. According to reports, she was married to one of her sons several years ago. He alleges that he was not aware she was his mother and it was only when another relative informed him of the situation that he realized how wrong their relationship was. That marriage was terminated shortly after the revelation.

As for Misty Spann, it is believed she was thoroughly aware of who Patricia was in relation to her and that is why she has been given the maximum jail sentence for incest in Oklahoma.

Spann’s other son states that his mother forced his brother and sister to marry her. He claims that his brother was told he would be killed if he did not marry Patricia and that Patricia deceived him by not telling him exactly who she was. He believes that both of his siblings have feared for their lives and that is why they agreed to marry Patricia Spann despite being aware that the act is classified as incest.

Patricia Spann is maintaining her innocence by stating that she had no ill-intent when marrying either of her children. She claims that her connection with Misty is stronger than any she has ever had with another person and that their marriage arose out of true love.

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