Outside the high school, after attending the class, a 10th-grader stabbed his own classmate. The students of Metropolitan High School in Foxhurst are said to get in the fight at around 2:40 PM after they both attended the same class and were about to return to their places.

Sources said that this horrible incident took place on Tuesday over a girl and two classmates fought and one of them was stabbed by the other. Alpha Doumbia, 17, confessed to stabbing his classmate twice around his ribs and slashed across his chest and his right hand. He confessed to cops that he found the blade outside the school, on the road and tried to kill his other fellow, who made him furious. They both had a common girlfriend and the fight was over her.


It was reported that the victim confronted Doumbia before he was slashed and Medics took him to the nearby medical care unit, Lincoln Medical Center, in the critical condition. The loss of blood pool and the stabbing around the ribs caused his rushed surgery and fortunately, his condition stabilized just after the surgery.

After confession, the lawyer and family of Alpha Doumbia claimed that the teen was acting in self-defense and that he had also suffered from some serious injuries. After investigating the whole matter and incident, authorities charged the stabber teen with felony assault and he was ordered held on $10,000 bond or $5,000 cash bail.

School administration is working with the police to look for the further assistance and the New York Police Department immediately responded to the incident. And said that they are taking care of the students and staff and their safety is the top priority of theirs.


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