They say the father is a strong hand for their little girls that can protect them against every evil and calamity falling in her way. But sometimes, this strong hand itself causes trouble for the little girls and that is really tragic. Yep, this happens in this unkind world and it happens frequently.

We are referring the horrible story of Alycia and her father, Mark Mesiti who has finally confessed his horrible crimes towards his own daughter and other little girls, after evading justice for almost 11 years.

He was found guilty of some gruesome deeds that you cannot even imagine. He has been involved in the child sexual abuse for the 11 years and the victims even include his own 14-years old daughter. It was reported that Mesiti told the police that his daughter has been missing since the year of 2006 during a camping trip with her friends but in reality, he drugged, raped and murdered her and buried her body in the backyard of his house in California


The police found the dead body of the little girl from his house and autopsy showed that she was drugged. On further investigation, police found the images of Mesiti sexually abusing Alycia when she was unconscious and she died of mixed drug intoxication.

Mesiti has been already facing numerous charges including drug charges and bank fraud etc. He is also accused of sexually abusing two other girls, an 8-years old and a 17, 18-years old. The court had been shown almost 100 pictures of the father abusing his daughter and further 1700 other pictures and a video were left to be shown if the trial had continued. The maternal aunt of Alycia said that it is the most horrible thing to see the pictures and that would only get worse. She further added that the thought what his father did to her was awful.

However, the tragic twist to the case was found when it was revealed that Mesiti had been awarded the custody of Alycia and another child a year before the incident, even though he was charged with several crime charges including domestic abuse. At that time, mother of Alycia was suffering from depression.


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