You’ll NEVER Believe Where This Guy SHOT Himself While Trying to ROB a HOT DOG Stall, Karma for the Win!


Karma works in funny ways sometimes, so let this story be a warning to anyone thinking of stealing or robbing from another person.

Terrion Pouncy strolled up to the register of a hot dog stall in Chicago and demanded that the employee working give him all the money from the cash register, as well as whatever money they had on their person. All the while, Pouncy had a gun pointed at the employee.

Once Pouncy was pleased with the loot he had scored, he walked away from the stand and began to place his gun back in his pocket. As he did so, he accidentally pulled the trigger and shot himself in the penis. Pouncy scurried off to a building nearby where he called 911 to ask for an ambulance. While Pouncy was calling for paramedics, the employee who had just been robbed was calling for police.

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Quickly, two and two were put together and authorities realized the injured individual was the thief. He was apprehended by officers and placed under arrest while receiving medical attention. He was then transported to a local hospital where he remains.

The employee was also taken to hospital after tussling with Pouncy to try and stop him from getting away. When asked how he was feeling, the employee said he was in complete shock and that he had never encountered a customer so aggressive before. He shared that he is nervous to go back to work in case someone else decides to pull the same trick again, but he is happy that he did not get seriously hurt in the incident. He also revealed that he located the money he gave Pouncy from his own pocket only a few feet away from the hot dog stand.

Terrion Pouncy faces serious jail time for his crimes if convicted.

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