Playing video games is a great way to pass the time if you’re a teenager or an adult trying to wind down after a long day. Consoles have come so far in the last two decades, future generations will not know the struggles of those who grew up watching every single advance in console technology.

Many people continue to argue whether Xbox One or the PS4 are better. The truth is that both have their merits, each possessing traits that the other does not. Those of us fortunate enough to be financially comfortable will usually own both.

When there aren’t arguments over which console is better, there is usually a few where people are talking trash online during multiplayer mode. People with a little more self-control will just brush the insults off, but some people don’t seem to have any concept of self-control.

The Call of Duty series has long been the source of troll or ‘swatters.’ “Swatting” is when someone familiar with tracking software calls law enforcement’s local swat on anyone streaming or just playing a game.

In San Jose, CA a 30 year old man is now in custody after assaulting a 13 year old neighbor. What law enforcement doesn’t understand is why the man assaulted the teen. They know that they catalyst for the assault was the game Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, a game developed by Activision and other partners.

After interviewing both the man and the 13 year old teenager, it turns out that the teen had insulted the man while they were having a multiplayer match on the 1st person shooter.

The teen had told the man things like “you probably live alone and don’t have any friends” and “fucking sad. You’re stupider than a teenager.” As the young boy continued his insults, the man became fed up with the boy and sought to find his location.

Both parties turned out to be neighbors who lived only a few houses down. After finding the teen’s location, the 30 year old man (name withheld pending verdict) went down to his neighbor and walked right in through the front door. He found the teen playing in the living room and hit him with a couple of punches.

As luck would have it, a PD vehicle saw the man running from the scene and chased and apprehended him.

If you can’t take an insult, you should probably avoid the internet like the plague.

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