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Ceiling Fan CHOPS OFF Man’s Head in YouTube Video Gone Wrong

What was supposed to be a funny, entertaining video that was going to be uploaded on YouTube turned into a terrible disaster after one dare devil ended up having his head chopped off by the blades of a ceiling fan.

The video, which has now been removed from the internet, shows 19-year-old Dylan Greene and a group of his friends jumping from a stair landing onto a bunch of mattresses below. The task sounds pretty easy, but there was one obstacle they had to avoid: the ceiling fan that was on full-blast while they were jumping.

In the video, the first three jumpers make it past the fan without a problem and land safely on the mattress pile below. Then, Dylan takes his position, catapults himself over the railing and, in the most horrific of fates, collides with the ceiling fan. The blades of the fan are so sharp and spinning so quickly that his head is taken clean off. The video footage then cuts to black.

Friends of Dylan’s who were present when he was decapitated shared that the whole thing happened in slow motion. One even said he thought that the whole incident was a prank. When they realized that the disaster was for real, panic ensued. They called 911 and an ambulance arrived within moments, but clearly nothing could have been done. Then, the police arrived and took all of the boys present into custody to figure out how such a freak accident could have happened. Upon reviewing the video footage, police let all of the witnesses go without charging them.

Dylan Greene’s parents revealed that they had always worried that Dylan would hurt himself in some horrific way because he was always taking things to the extreme. They just never thought the extent of his risk-taking would end up being so severe and permanent. They shared that they are going to remember their son as a loving and joyful person who always tried to make others laugh.

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