Child with Mysterious Powers. May Be the Next Jesus!

The morning of September 17th started just as any other did in the town of Brighton, Colorado. Angelina Harlow (32) packed her three children, Nathan (8), Gerard (6) and Marianne (3) in the back of her 2013 Subaru Legacy and set out for an afternoon of running errands. The Harlow family’s lives all changed in one second later that afternoon after Angelina’s car was sideswiped while leaving a local shopping complex, where she had just treated her children to pizza and ice cream.

Eric Jakes (24) hit right side of the Harlow family car at a speed of approximately forty-five to fifty miles an hour after he failed to stop for a red light. His car sustained extensive front end damage, and he was arrested for excessive speeding at the accident scene as well as for having a blood alcohol level of 0.18, over twice the legal limit.



While Jakes emerged from the accident with only minor scrapes and contusions, six year old Gerard Harlow was killed instantly, while his older brother Nathan suffered from major head trauma. Little Marianne and Angelina herself were relatively unharmed, as they were sitting on the left side of the car

Nathan Harlow laid in a coma at St. Mary’s Hospital for over four days before he finally awoke. While he had absolutely no recollection of the accident that had cost his brother his life and almost killed him as well, he began to display some remarkable abilities shortly after waking up, including the ability to heal sicknesses, communicate with animals and even raise the dead!

“If I hadn’t seen it for myself, I would never believe a word of it,” states Dr. Richard Kelt, a pediatric surgeon at St. Mary’s who operated on Nathan shortly after the accident. “I was checking in on him a few hours after he had regained consciousness. I came into his room, and I thought he was sleeping at first, but instead, I saw he had a butterfly cupped in his hands that was dead. I watched him breath into his hands and a few seconds later, when he opened them up, I couldn’t believe it. That butterfly flew away!”

While Angelina Harlow has largely shunned the press since the tragic accident, she did issue a statement admitting that Nathan seemed to be able to work miracles. “Nathan has always been a special boy,” she says. “But after the crash, he tells me the only thing he remembers is being with Jesus and Gerard up in heaven, and then he had to come back. He says Jesus told him he was meant to do special things to help people. We’ve never even really been a very religious family, but now, Nathan insists we all go to church each week.”

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