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Did you hear anyone singing from within the grave?  Can you imagine someone calling out of his grave asking to be let out? Have you ever heard the dead talk?


In a shocking event, people reported that a dead person has been singing from his grave. The event took an even more shocking turn when the dead person’s family members came to his grave on hearing the strange turn of event


A person who had been dead since last one and half months has been heard singing from his grave. When the family members came to know they rushed to the grave.  What terrified all those present there was when the dead seemed to have sensed his family members and started asking them to let him out.  “I’m alive, let me out” cried out the dead.

As soon as the authorities came to notice this, they further reported this bizarre turn of events to the District Magistrate. In an interview the Police spokesperson has just confirmed that once the District Magistrate gives his approval, the dead person will be dug out of his grave.  The dead person will then go through further medical test just to make sure that he is dead.


According to this event reported from a village near Meerut in India, the graveyard situated in this village consists of hundreds of graves. Since reports of this strange event started pouring out, a huge gathering could be seen amassed in the graveyard every day. “It seems that everyone wants to hear the dead talk”, a villager told in an interview.

The villagers are particularly terrified over the incident.  The dead person they say was a local young musician and singer named Irfan.  Irfan died owing to a mysterious disease about 45 days ago. Now they can all hear him singing from within his grave.  People started gathering around his grave to offer their prayers and the singing subdued for a few days.

Suddenly, one day when the deceased’s brother came to visit the grave voices started coming out of the grave.  The voices were exactly like those of Irfan’s.  At first he thought that it might be his imagination, but when the following day he visited the grave again he could hear the same voice calling from within the grave.

According to the Law, digging of a grave requires permission from the district magistrate. Now the District Magistrate had ordered the District Police Superintendent to hold an official inquiry before taking his call.

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