Murderer Slits Throat of this Animal Loving 71-Year-Old Dallas Women! You won’t believe what he did next!

In a sensational murder case, a sweet animal loving elderly lady named Norma Rae Kakacek was found dead in her Far North Dallas Home. It was only in the following morning that her son discovered her dead body hidden in bathroom.


The prime suspect of the brutal murder is a Texas man named Michael McClendon, aged 45 years.  He was arrested along with his friend Reginald Taylor in a hotel room. The events that led to his arrest were dramatic too.

When the Police arrived at the murder place, they found the dead body with multiple stab wounds and slit throat. They also found that her Luxury SUV was missing. The Media reported the Missing SUV together with its number plate and other details. The car eventually was sighted by a witness who informed the authorities and this led to his quick arrest. According to Police sources, when they arrested Michael, there was blood on his shoes and he was still in possession of the victim’s keys and safe.


According to the original arrest affidavit Michael allegedly murdered the elderly women and then went on to use her car and bring back a few of his friends including Reginald Taylor to her home and party. He told his friends that he was house sitting for an aunt. The poor woman’s body was hidden inside a bathroom while they partied and smoke marijuana inside her home.

Michael is now being charged with capital murder and is being held at the Dallas County Jail. His friend Taylor is charged with unauthorized use of motor vehicle.

Norma was a beloved mother, grandmother, sister and friend.  Born in Vicksburg, MS on November 9, 1945, Norma was commonly known as “Happy Rae” in her neighborhood. She was admired and loved by many for her kind heart and spirited nature.

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