Parents’ Neglect Leads to TEETH NIGHTMARE for CHILD

The parents of a young child have been arrested and charged with child cruelty after their kid was forced to have nearly 20 teeth pulled out due to severe rotting and decaying.

Jeremie and Cynthia Maloy were told about their child’s poor dental hygiene for over a year by the kid’s school. Instead of following up on school officials’ recommendations of taking their child to a dentist, the parents simply ignored the request.

Teachers of the child told authorities that the student often complained and cried due to the severity of the pain. They also said that the child was unable to eat hard foods for quite some time. Allegedly, the child’s adult teeth had begun growing in over and around the rotten baby teeth, causing extreme discomfort and irritation for the young kid.


Officials for the school told police that they had offered on several occasions to take the child to the dentist themselves if the parents were unable to do so, but instead the parents asked for rides to the local convenience store. School administrators also said that the child could have had the dental work done for free if the parents had just signed a form asking for financial help.

According to documents, the Maloys have been ordered to stay far away from their child and to not attempt contact under any circumstances. They are both currently awaiting trial to determine what punishment they receive for neglecting their child in such a cruel and unusual manner.

It is not known if their child is in the care of another family member or in foster care, but reports indicate that the child will receive further dental treatment that is required as soon as possible and free of charge. The child will also be taught how to thoroughly clean his or her own teeth so that he or she never has to endure such a terrible situation again.



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