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Pregnant Girlfriend SHOOTS This Young Father DEAD in a YouTube Stunt! Find Out WHY

In a bizarre incident, a teenaged Minnesota girl shot down her 22 year old boyfriend with their 3 year old child in the room. This was supposed to be a You Tube stunt which they believed would give a huge boost to their profile.

Monalisa Parez 19, along with her boyfriend Pedro Ruiz 22 prior to the incident

While performing the stunt, their 3 year old child was inside the room. They had two cameras in position to record the video. According to Monalisa’s statement she fired the gun from a foot away aimed at his chest while he held an encyclopedia as his armor. Pedro died on spot to the utmost horrors of Monalisa who immediately called the Sherriff’s office to report the incident.

Jeremy Thornton the Sheriff of Norman County expressed his shock over the incident. He said that these young people’s quest for 15 minutes of fame is crossing all limits of sanity. Monalisa was pregnant with her second child as she appeared the court.

The couple opened a video channel in You Tube to showcase their lives as well as the challenges involved in being teenaged parents. Their videos consisted of pranks like eating donuts covered with baby powder and such. But their last prank took a ghastly turn and ended the life of young Pedro Ruiz who was a railway engineer.

Monalisa mentioned about the stunt in her post just half an hour before the incident took place. She also stated the dangerous nature of the stunt they were about to perform and that the idea was Pedro’s and not her own.

The couple wanted to make it big in You Tube.  Parez later told the investigators that Pedro had been trying to get her to fire the gun since a while.  She said that he even showed her a book which successfully shielded a bullet.

Pedro Ruiz with his daughter and girlfriend about 5 months before the incident

While Ruiz’s family members said that they would stand by the poor teenager, Monalisa now faces up to 10 years in prison and a fine of $20,000.

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