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Substitute Teacher Arrested in Front of Class for Having Sex with Students

A young substitute teacher was removed from the high school class she was teaching and placed in handcuffs after allegations that she had engaged in sexual acts with multiple students came to light.

Madeline Marx allegedly had sex with two different male students, both minors, in the various parking lots throughout the town. Reports also share that she sent graphic images of herself to the students via social media apps.

It is not known who the informant was, but school officials received a tip that Marx was acting inappropriately with several young male students, so the school began an investigation. Very quickly, they had gathered enough evidence to get the police involved. Authorities, too, did an investigation, gathered their own evidence and then determined that they had enough to arrest Marx.


Police entered the school and tracked down the classroom where Marx was teaching for the day. She was asked to exit the classroom, and while pupils watched, she was arrested and placed into a patrol car. She was then taken to the local police station and formally charged.

 While evidence regarding two students has only been discovered, police and school officials believe that there could possibly be more victims that have yet to come forward. They are urging anyone who may have information about further inappropriate behavior to contact officials immediately.

Madeline Marx could face an extensive amount of time in jail if she is found guilty of her charges. She will also be required to register as a sex offender for the rest of her life.

Marx is just one name on a long list of teachers who have been arrested and jailed for having sexual relations with their students. Cases like these just go to show that no matter how much you may trust an individual, you never know their true character until it is too late.



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