This Utah Police Officer SHOT and KILLED His Whole Family, Including His Two Young KIDS! You won’t what he did next!

In a bizarre and emotionally disturbing turn of events, a 34 year old Utah Police officer named Joshua Boren killed his entire family including his wife Kelly Boren aged 32 years, their two young children Jaden Boren 7 and Haley Boren 5. He also shot down his mother-in-law Marie King aged 55 years, and then shot himself.

Family Picture of Joshua Boren with wife Kelly and their two children Jaden and Haley

According to the Spanish Fork Police, Joshua’s entire family including him was found dead at about 11 pm. His co-workers at the Lindon Police Department had reported that Joshua did not show up for his shift, where he worked as a Patrol Officer. This led to a follow up investigation which uncovered the heartbreaking incident.


Police sealed up the area for a combing operation in search of clues.

According to Matthew Johnson the Spanish Fork Lt., the couple had been undergoing martial issues since the past few months. His co-workers however would not subscribe to that notion as according to them Joshua was always upbeat as he did not seem like having any problems with his married life.

The incident came as a total shock to everyone as there were no warning signs. The police sources confirm that there has never been any case of domestic violence at the Boren Residence and that the police never had to pay them a visit regarding any such issue.

According to officials from the follow up team that discovered the Suicide Murder, when no one opened up the door, they peeked through the window and saw blood on the carpet along with shell casings. Later they went inside the 2-story house and found the mother-in-law dead in one bedroom and the rest of the family including Joshua dead in the bedroom next to it.

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