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DEMON Caught on Camera Knocking Over Paint Cans at Home Improvement Store!

Workers at a Cincinnati home improvement store got a real treat when they showed up to work to find that all of the paint cans in the shop had fallen off the shelves and spilled onto the floor. What’s even more interesting is who (or what) they believe did the mischievous deed.

The store, which has been closed for the last two days in order to clean up the massive amount of paint spillage, has long stated that the building is haunted by a demon that likes to play tricks on employees. Some employees have claimed that lights turned on and off when they were alone at night, while others have stated seeing a black mist manifest right before their very eyes.

When the workers who discovered the knocked over paint cans stumbled upon the mishap, they immediately ran to the back office to review security footage from the night before. What they found essentially backs up all of the claims that have been made about a prankster demon getting his kicks by making their lives difficult.

The paint aisle can be visibly seen in the video footage. Around the 3 a.m. time stamp, it appears that a dark shadow forms at the top of the aisle. A long, arm-like projection can be seen extending from the black mist as it makes its way down the aisle. Every paint can the mist passes gets violently thrown to the floor, causing the lids to fall off and paint to spill out. The shadow makes several trips up and down the aisle, making sure that each and every single paint can is off the shelves before vanishing as quickly as it appeared.

Employees state they are not surprised at the evidence they caught on camera. They also say that the footage does not deter them from working at the store, because they believe the demon just wants to have a little fun.

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